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Do you want to be as strong, healthy and functional as humanly possible? Let me help you. As an internationally competitive athlete and longtime personal trainer, I can help you get yourself into the kind of condition that will serve you well not just in life, but throughout your life!

First session 100 € with second session only 80€!

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Single session

60-min Personal Training session in-person at a gym of your choosing in the Helsinki capital region area.

100 € (with second session only 80 €)

Reserve a 60-min single training session with Coach Body Mike NOW and get a follow-up session for only 80 €

Start out for beginners

This program is designed for beginners looking to overhaul their lifestyle and personal fitness. Lose fat, improve your nervous system and muscular response, raise your muscular endurance and elevate vitality! This is a 2-month program consisting of 10×60-min personal training sessions, including a specific dietary plan just for you. Training sessions in-person at a gym of your choosing in the Helsinki capital region area.

Price 950 €


Fat loss and strength program

A 12-session (1h/60-min session) training package over the course of 3 months, engineered for fat loss and toning up, while improving strength levels. Includes a customized dietary plan that is calorie-specific to your goal, along with instruction of proper training techniques and form. Possible fine-tuning of the training program and diet plan are included here. Training sessions in-person at a gym of your choosing in the Helsinki captial regioun area.

Price 1090 €


Bullseye fine-tuning plan

Specific targeting and fine-tuning of proper training techniques with detailed precision. This package is for intermediate to advanced persons. Over the course of 2 months, we’ll go through 3×60-min detailed personal training sessions plus a 1×60-min check-up on key techniques after several weeks of immersive training. In this package, we’ll go through your sticking points, plateaus and individual challenges you face in training. Training sessions in-person at a gym of your choosing in the Helsinki captial region area.

Price 490 €


Beef Up! muscle mass program

For those in pursuit of hypertrophy, who want to pack as much organic muscle onto their frames as possible. A 12-time (1h/60-min session) package, over a 3-month period. Beef Up! includes a custom-tailored training program just for you, engineered to stimulate hypertrophy and generate muscle mass, plus a specific diet to help you achieve that goal, in addition to possible fine-tuning of your program and thorough execution of proper training techniques. Training sessions in-person at a gym of your choosing in the Helsinki captial region area.

Price 1090 €


Personalized custom diet

A personalized, calorie-specific dietary plan that is put together with your specific, individual goals in mind, suited to your needs. The diet plan is put together according to your body type, taking into consideration how active your lifestyle is, your age, your current starting weight and any possible allergies or limitations you might have. Get yourself a personalized diet plan – start the change today!

Price 150 € (possible alterations +50 € per time)



Men and women generally tend to aspire after somewhat different training and aesthetic goals. In general, men typically desire greater muscle mass and power, in addition to an elevated level of overall fitness. Women tend to desire a toned physique, free from excess fat, with a greater feeling of vitality. These goals can be achieved when aided by an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. Someone who is able to show you how to apply training techniques that integrate every muscle of the body, while orchestrating a full range of motion. A person’s hormonal response is stimulated naturally and metabolism picks up when applying proper principles. The motor functions of the body are vastly improved, while seeing power levels and mobility increase significantly.

Nutrition and nuances

A strong and functional body is built with the correct nutrition, which dictates everything that happens in the body itself moving forward. In addition, to become truly strong, you must learn to train predominantly with free weights. You must learn to apply correct form, precision technique and the proper intensity. Simply put, you will not be able to develop optimally if you do not load the targeted muscle properly. You need to create the needed tension, thereby stimulating maximal muscular and cellular response. A whole and healthy body is about more than just being in good physical condition outwardly. It’s about the strength of your muscular membranes and fascia, ligaments, bones and purity of blood. For all of this, you’d best be served to get yourself a knowledgeable personal trainer who knows how to take all this into account.

You are what you eat

I also offer customized diet plans, made specifically for YOU. The custom diet takes into consideration your age, how active your lifestyle is, your body type, as well as any possible limitations and/or allergies you may have. Did you know that a food product from two different manufacturers might well contain double the amount of calories than the other option? Oftentimes, in order to know what is best and optimal for YOU, you will need the help of a professional.  A pro who is able to help you navigate through the commercial jungle of nutrition, helping you find low-GI foods and healthy food alternatives to meet your goals.

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As an experienced, veteran personal trainer since 2004 and top-level athlete in the demanding and competitive world of pro wrestling over the past 30 years, I’ve learned a lot. My training philosophies and methods have become very functional – and preventative – in terms of possible injuries, while aiming to strengthen the entire body.  You need to strengthen you muscles, ligaments and bones – while at the same time, building real power and useable muscle – for a quality life from here to old age.

My training techniques rely on navigating with fully mastering your own body, while focusing on free weights mostly.  I place a strong focus on compound movements. These multi-joint, lead exercises strengthen the whole muscular chain from head to toe and generate real power, balance and coordination. Just think – all these benefits within the same exercise and training technique!

Part of my training approach utilizes elements of cross-training, mixed with practical nuances and training philosophies. These are things I’ve learned over the course of my extensive wrestling career, offering a very diverse and wide base that incorporates the whole body.

I will apply myself to helping you become the best version of yourself that you can be, if you commit to the process yourself…. and that’s a PROMISE!

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Training on board Viking Line Suomi tonight as I return from Sweden back to Finland, as I prepare to wrestle live on pay-per-view on FITE next Saturday, June 8 in Helsinki at Kellohalli as SLAM Wrestling Finland brings you MetalliSLAM on Metallica weekend in Helsinki 🇫🇮 ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you 🙏🎂🥳‼️Today the founding father and pioneer of professional wrestling in Finland 🇫🇮 turns 51 years of age.Join us in wishing "The Rebel" StarBuck HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‼️🎈🎂🥳 ... See MoreSee Less
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This month 51 clocks in. I've made strength and fitness a lifestyle since the age of 15.For 30 years now, I've been a professional wrestler, and the majority of my three-decade career has been spent as a main event player at the top of the game all around the world.Let me help you too. Whatever your goal, I've got the miles behind me to give you proper coaching and perspective: coach@bodymike.com ... See MoreSee Less
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Who is personal trainer Coach Body Mike?

My name is Michael Majalahti. Many of you might know me from the fascinating world of pro wrestling under the ring name, “The Rebel” StarBuck. I am Finland’s pro wrestling pioneer and arguably the most accomplished pro wrestler out of the Nordics of Europe since the turn of the century. Having been in the grappling game for 30 years now worldwide, I’ve been a champion far and wide on a main event level. I have also been both a TV and film actor. Some of the films I have had significant roles in include Finland’s first-ever superhero movie, Rendel, It Came From The Desert and Spandex Sapiens.

Having served as a personal trainer since 2004 in 11 countries to date, I have also been a wrestling coach in nine different countries worldwide since 2003. I have serviced clients from all walks of life. From the young to the elderly, those with disabilities and those without, from beauty contestants to film actors to regular folk. My youngest trainee has been 14 and my oldest 91 years of age.

Knowledge is power!

The multiple injuries and physical trials that I’ve endured over my long in-ring career have led me to an innate understanding of human physiology. Learning first-hand, in the line of fire, has been an imperative MUST for me. I have been able to rehab my body from multiple setbacks and injuries through a solid understanding of applicable, physical training principles.

It is this same knowledge that I am able to now parlay in your favor, in order for you to both understand and reach your own personal potential. I’ll help you discover and master your center of balance while improving your muscular coordination. You can rest assured that I can assist in raising your muscular condition and aid in the struggles and challenges that are unique to your personal situation!

Dive into the thorough, functional, personal development that Coach Body Mike offers. Allow me to show you how you can develop your physical fitness regardless of age, enabling you to live a life of power, virility and health. Contact me NOW!

I’d been suffering for a very long time with nagging neck and shoulder pains, which I had found no relief for outside of muscle relaxants. After realizing I couldn’t be dependent on pills for the rest of my life, I purposed to find myself a knowledgeable personal trainer to help. Seeing Michael doing his thing in the wrestling ring during a joint gig that we were both on, I thought “damn, I have an idea!”. I figured that if this guy literally had the strength to snap an opponent’s neck with pure power and persistence, he would probably be able to open mine up as well.

To be honest, I have to say that I have never been more grateful. After training with Michael, my neck was immediately better! One thing that has helped in this is that he doesn’t let me off easy, and that’s good, he doesn’t need to. My kind of thin frame is sometimes rather challenging training-wise. Still, I know that I can rest assured in Michael’s knowledge and professionalism. And granted, I’m not going to start conceding in front of a multi-time European champion. Giving up has never been an option for me, anyway. Kristina Karjalainen

Miss Estonia 2013

I’ve always liked working out with Body Mike ‘cos frankly without him I’d most likely only end up doing all the wrong things. He’s a pro, so he obviously knows his shit. His method of training is exceptionally inspiring and motivating. Just when you’re about to give up, he knows exactly what to say or do to keep you going no matter how drained you are. I’ve surprised myself many times with his help. Alexi Laiho

Singer / guitarist / songwriter, Children of Bodom

I’ve been going to the gym for just over a month now and I have had a true professional in Michael Majalahti as my personal trainer. Michael has made my diet and training programs and in addition, I’ve been able to stop eating candies, soda drinks, fast food, ice cream and such. My weight has started to notably drop and I’ve already replaced my old fat with muscle. I can definitely say it was worth it! And the training sessions are fun, too. I’ve really enjoyed my fitness journey so far! Jukka Nieminen


I had the pleasure to have a training session with Michael and he changed my posture and form like no other personal trainer has done before. He is passionate and very knowledgeable in what he does. I highly recommend him! If he lived in LA, I would train with him all the time. Sheila Shah

Actress (Saw V), Los Angeles, USA

We go to the same gym with Michael and having trained with him a few times, in addition to watching him work with others, I can warmly recommend him as a personal trainer for anyone, be it a beginner or even a more experienced gym goer. Michael’s personable, professional and motivational way to get results out of his clients is a clear indication of a true pro. If I end up a situation where I’m looking for my next personal trainer, I know for sure who to call. Antti Reini

Actor, musician

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